Tuesday, August 7, 2007

My Cram Session on India

As I've told nearly everyone, I'm going to India this month! I'll be off to see two friends (pictured) from grad school tie the knot in Goa, and the surrounding days will be spent in Mumbai.

For the groom's sake I probably should have seen more films set in France this summer (all I saw was Paris, Je T'aime) but hey, the trip is to the bride's home country! Plus, I'm staying in Juhu Beach, home to many Bollywood royalty.

One of the first things I did was flood my Netflix queue and AC Library account with requests for Bollywood titles. In between I read several travel guides, a Time/Life book from 1979 about Bombay (excellent and hard to find), and both fiction (Sacred Games) and non-fiction (Maximum City: Bombay Lost and Found) set in Mumbai. Thankfully, hardly any time has been wasted on the videos as I saw a lot about a city (not to mention country) I knew little about along with familiarizing myself with film styles, actors, singers, and songs that appear to be more obsessed over than anything we do here regarding Hollywood. We'll see...

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