Sunday, September 30, 2007

Kevin C. Chan

Friday I learned that friend and former coworker Kevin Chan died last Saturday in his sleep.

While I worked at Viz, especially full time, Kevin was always teasing me but always offering to drive me home or even to work (we lived a few blocks from each other). He even babysat my car when I was out of town, making sure it wouldn't get a parking ticket on street-sweeping days. We'd stop by the family's restaurant so I could try the egg rolls, and sometimes we'd stop at a bakery or two on Irving. Sometimes Oliver Chin would join us, and the banter between the two of them would be painfully funny for me. I can't listen to Chinese pop music without thinking of him blasting it in his car while bragging about his New Economy stock investing. Thanks Kevin, for the commuting, the food, the teasing, and for checking up on me on a very bad day in 2001. You are a great friend! I should have told you sooner.
Thanks to Douglas Nerad who had this picture on his blog. I don't have any digital pictures of Kevin of my own. A fortnight ago this photo would have had me giggling.

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OC said...


Thanks for memorializing KC. Nice photo - I never saw him bowl before!
Clearly he did more for you than he ever did for me, but I forgive him for that since you probably deserved it. If I had known he leave us in the lurch, I would have given him a harder time before.