Sunday, May 25, 2008

Rory Root

Last Monday we lost Rory Root, and you can visit the online memorial for him at his store's website, I've added this photo from Urian's site, as I love the look on Rory's face! Plus, he's holding the commuter mug that I wanted to steal and customize to look like a Dalek.

Funny enough, I made a button that reads 'Rory Root, 1958-2008' to wear at BEA this upcoming weekend. I got it on Saturday and it looks great, except that he was born in 1957. Oops. I still plan to wear it thanks to a permanent marker.

I don't want to write much more just yet, so here is what I wrote on his memorial site:

I already missed Rory when I moved out of the area, and I hate knowing I won’t see him again. I first met him when I was an intern at Viz, where he’d drive across the Bay Bridge to pick up stock. I thought that was some dedication and started crossing the bridge myself to shop at Comic Relief. Once there we’d talk TV, the UK, manga (of course!) and how great it was that librarians were starting to stock graphic novels. Later when I lived in Berkeley (okay, Albany!) I’d see him on the street and we’d talk on the spot. And, of course, at tradeshows he’d introduce me to EVERYBODY.
Thanks Rory, and keep up the good work wherever you’ve gone.

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