Thursday, January 31, 2008

Jaime vs. Jonas (3 Rounds)

Jaime Stats (born in Exeter, late ’70s, weighing in at 115 lbs. after she works off that breakfast buffet)
Jonas Stats (born in Visalia, mid ’00’s, unable to stand still on the scale)

Round 1:
Jaime: (Smells something funky) Jonas, did you fart?
Jonas: (Waits a few seconds, rips one, smiles) Yeah…

Winner: Jonas

Round 2:

Jaime: You’re a nut.
Jonas: You’re a nut!
Jaime: You’re a coconut!
Jonas: You’re a peanut!
Jaime: You’re a Brazil nut!
Jonas: You’re a…everywhere nut!

Winner: Jonas

Round 3:

Jaime: That’s it, I’m gonna get you! (Proceeds to tickle Jonas)
Jonas: No! Stop! Stop!
Jaime: Ha! I win this round! (Stops tickling)
Jonas: Hey, why did you stop?

Winner: Jonas

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

MTM 2008

This picture is from a Jetta dashboard on Saturday. Where can this be? In my new town! That's right, I moved to Minneapolis for a new job, just a few days before this picture was taken. For someone who used to be happy when the temperature broke 110 F (it feels so much better than the 100's), I'm surviving. How? By not leaving the house unless I go to work!

This intersection is where I wait 20 minutes for my transfer bus. Minus the Xmas decorations, this is what it looked like today. Thankfully I've learned to loiter in the pictured skyway.

And across from my tranfer point, the 'heated' bus shelter, is this statue of Mary Tyler Moore! Will Jaime make it after all? Stay tuned!