Friday, December 26, 2008

Holiday Cards for My Virtual Mantel

I never send holiday cards because I'm cheap, lazy, and not interested in Christmas until someone surprises me with a present. I never think there is going to be one and boom! there it is. How embarrassing, and every year, too.

If only I would think to send online cards! They get better and better every year, and make me just as happy as when there's an envelope in the mailbox. It's the same idea yet different sentiment as online bills!

Here's one from Purvi & Gilles showing Santa Claus ski-jumping over my car before I have to brush off the snow and go to work:

Just like their brilliant Halloween party invitations, Mark & Julie combine their love of illustration and social commentary (all that blow still on the streets of San Francisco). Those oxen will also be served in October as part of the tradition of adding the year's Chinese zodiac animal in the non-veg ghoulash. I believe for year of the dragon they just use Spam:
Even a simple album cover from the past does the job, as this awesome one from Ashley at Saqi. I think he meant it in jest but I think it totally rocks and want to find a copy for myself:

Even if the album is fake (like this one, right? Right?) it still means that my Facebook Husband is thinking of me during the holidays:

And then from Emilie at Gryphon Press a nice animated card which has come a long way in, oh, the last decade or so of such things. You'll know what I mean when you see this. The initial creepiness wears off very quickly, at least for me! In all honesty this is one sweet card!

So no excuses for next year. I'll try to get started in September or something, which is probably around the next time I remember to update my blog.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Baby Owen is here!

Just over one month ago I got another nephew, brother to Jonas and Andrew. He is gorgeous! Look at that chin! Within days he was having to style his hair, too.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

She's Crafty. and She's Just My Type

A few Fridays back I followed some people to the No Coast crafts fair. I can't remember the details but I'll make up for it later! For now, photos with lame captions!

First we ate in the food court at Midtown Global Market. I had excellent spicy chicken tacos and watched a toddler drum circle. It was just like I was back home in Berkeley!

These awesome underpants are suggestively for men only, but I nearly bought a pair for myself. It gets cold here and I bet I can learn to use the little hole!

In Minnesota new brides no longer receive State-Issued aprons, so Mrs. Bog-Nanny had to buy her own!

This is a shirt with a child's drawing stitched in by a lady who also made awesome cloth diapers (skull patterns, you get the idea). I think I convinced her to make larger ones for the increasing market of Baby Boomers with incontinence.

Wood! These painted carvings are of a naked white dude in need of his Xmas razor and a black dude who has won the 'Miss Barack Obama' pageant.

And like Dorothy's 'No place like home' crap, this short-lived piece of cubicle architecture was waiting for us back at work.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Pull the Laff-Trak & It's All Too Real for Me

The writers of this sketch nailed it! I've been to A LOT of comic book conventions, so trust me, there is always an aisle or two that looks just like this, only with people of every color. Mind you, I get to say that because I was always in the fancy booths.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Charro Claus Helps Santa

I'm sleepy, but I thought I'd post part of a great review to a book I enjoy, especially after all the stuff going on for the holidays:

“Even Santa Claus sends the jobs he is unable or unwilling to do to Mexico . . . in this colorful storybook by local author-illustrator Xavier Garza. . . . The simple South Texas Christmas tale is printed in both English and Spanish, allowing for several different bilingual reading opportunities. . . . Charro Claus is the perfect gift for the children of your Minute Men relatives.”—-San Antonio Current

Monday, December 1, 2008

Shameless Search Engine Attracting Verbage

With icy roads and sidewalks today I remembered that in April I received a mystery present in the post.

A big pair of day-glo orange rubber strap-ons. Thanks!