Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's Rude to Point, Part 3: Special Inaugural Edition!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy MLK Day!

I'm terrible at holidays but this one is pretty cool given the timing this year!

I thought for starters I'd mention how Dr. King has had a statue at Westminster Abbey since 1998. I first saw it in 2000 but only from the ground, so my friend and I thought the sculptor made it out to show Dr. King as rapping. We were about to ask an employee about this but we were interrupted by a less enlightened American asking him, "'Scuuuz me, whirz yer restrooom?" Thankfully at eye level the statue makes more sense.

Maybe it was playing on the clock radio while I was asleep or something, but I've had Nina Simone's 'Mississippi Goddam' in my head. If you've never heard it, download it or something, because it's worth it. Thankfully on YouTube this lady, Carole Alston, totally nails it and explains a bit about the song as well, particularly how relevant it still is.

Now I got up to take advantage of the weekday off, not having planned any sort of celebration participation. Apparently I could have gone to a massive pancake breakfast here with special guest Colin Powell. I'm not as keen on Powell as I was, oh, 8 years ago (win me back, Colin!), but Mississippi Goddam, I love pancakes!

And it turns out that there is an excellent program to make the day one of service. Nobody told this white girl! I'll have to check it out for next year, and hope that you do the same. Plus they list volunteer opportunities all over the US, all through the year.

But today I will have to be a bit lazy because I had only two hours of sleep and am already dreaming of dreaming in a nap. It's a stretch, but I did get the car washed! See...

One of the guys working at Park & Lake Car Wash pulled up the hoovers just for this photo. Thanks, Dude!

Now my own Guy Noir is nice and clean. That's right, 'guy noir.' I've made a bad joke, see? Someone shoot me, please...


Oh shit! I just realized the horror of the last line! I was loading the dishwasher and realized Dr. King was shot! Now I really deserve it.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Adios Amigos

I'm sick of the deaths in Gaza (Hamas and the current Israeli gov't need to just duke it out on a previously deserted island so that the civilians can, oh, LIVE. Chances are the island would be bigger than their current battleground) but I wanted to say personal goodbyes to a few people I never met but have known since childhood.

Patrick McGoohan:
I'd seen you in several things but of course The Prisoner affected me greatly. My dad introduced it to me at an early age so one of my strongest memories are those closing credits with the bicycle. We watched the pilot episode in a college class once (so that the professor could follow Chelsea in the FA Cup Final on his radio...you know who you are!) and a few at Viz during lunch breaks. Only recently I worked through all of the episodes in order including the finale, which unlike everyone else, is my favorite!

Ricardo Montalban
Oh man, what were you NOT in? More than just cult classics such as Fantasy Island, Star Trek, and Planet of the Apes (yeah, this is my blog so shut up!), you were a delightful surprise when you guest-starred on other shows. Very recently I watched you in Border Incident which is one of the best noir films I've seen and had me shaking my head at what has changed and not changed in relations between the US and Mexico. Your acting made that film!

Sir John Mortimer:
Thanks for Rumpole of the Bailey, which I never understood as a small kid but watched it for how soothing it was. Now that I'm MUCH older I look forward to revisiting the series with a better grasp of the English language! And here's a picture of the one I personally refer to as 'She Who Must Be Obeyed:'

Saturday, January 17, 2009

No River Landing for Me, Thank You Very Much

I'm not terribly bright, so I thought it made sense to book my vacation flight immediately following my business trip. So, I started at the airport for Minneapolis where I was told I was waiting for the wrong flight.

I made it to Seattle/Tacoma's airport and managed to avoid hugging the Dirty Orca.

I returned a day later (again avoiding the Dirty Orca) and hopped on a Bombadier! Propeller planes are the best, especially in seat 7D (sit there and you'll know why, wink-wink). Here is an example of the plane at Portland's airport where I took advantage of the free wi-fi.
Then it was on to Redding, CA! The trip back was just the same only in reverse...and with a six-hour wait at Sea-Tac for a red-eye back to Minneapolis, eventually getting hugged by the Dirty Orca. Like I said, I'm not very bright.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Just to Church on Sundays, or Kiss My...

Roughly one year ago I bought a new car, and today I hit 3,000 miles on the odometer! I can't believe I've driven that car so many miles, from the 10-minute commute five days a week to the big drives all the way to the airport in Bloomington once or twice. Maybe more than a few times to the big downtown Salvation Army store and to East Lake Street for Dr. Who club. And let's not forget the stretch down HWY 100 to St. Louis Park for some Trader Joe's, or down the road to Cub or Lunds after work. Then there's Target shopping, only I don't know which one because there are so many around here. I'll aim to go to one 10 minutes away but hey! there's a new one within 5 minutes. In celebration, I might even get the car, dubbed Guy Noir, a wash with the fancy hot air jets to keep it from, you know, sticking to the glacier running through Minneapolis.

Now, Where's My Hotdish?!?

I'm back from vacation to the state of Northern California! Thank goodness, because it was something like 65 degrees, and that's in Fahrenheit! Crazy! Loads of people who shouldn't wear shorts were wearing even less! Thank goodness I'm back where everyone keeps their parkas on whilst taking a shower. That's right, Minnesota. And here's proof of the temperature this morning: