Thursday, May 28, 2009

Please Save California!

If you're in the Fresno area, please attend! Thank you.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Love from California to Minnesota in Real Time

Gotta love Skype:

If you haven't seen Quimby the Mouse...

Quimby The Mouse from This American Life on Vimeo.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Breakfast at Chateau Gundam, or Robots Do Like Us!

While in San Francisco my gracious hosts would command their robots to serve me!

In fact, their coffee maker (just like the one Walter Bishop recently struggled with on Fringe -- and do watch his 'deep thoughts' featurettes) combines coffee AND entertainment!

Mark and Julie are good to their robots, unlike some people living off Geary Blvd...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bachelorette Party (?) at the Vintage Press

A few Fridays back on my short holiday, I awoke realizing that I missed picking up my rental car! Thankfully I managed to get one at SFO, then make that mad drive down the Central Valley. Thankfully I made it up to Three Rivers in time to clean up and drive back down to Visalia for Tiffani Yamamoto's bachelorette party.

I'm the one not showing teeth! No one told me!

The neon necklace gave me a nasty rash. I didn't expect a rash from a party at the VP.

I can't remember what this cake was but it's too good not to post.

I didn't eat this strawberry shortcake but I should have...

...Because the bride was porking out on my dessert when I wasn't looking!

We tried to get her drinking but typical health nut chomped down on the fruit parts of the drink.

At least she put on her tiara and was doing weird things to show off her fancy manicure.

And at least I remembered to film the blinking bit:

A night on the town (er, at least downtown Visalia) isn't complete without a trip to the legendary Taylor's Hot Dogs!

As you see here, we're all wearing our Hottie Whistles! They're like rape whistles only they mean the opposite, I think. I didn't try it. I gave it to Tom at work instead to use for fire drills.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Nice Media Hit for One of Our Books...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Star(ling) Trek 4: The Voyage Home

I've been living in major metropolitan areas since 1994 but this was my first drive home (not train) since I started blarging! To get home from just about anywhere else in the world you need to take I-5:
What do we keep under tarps and old tires? Cow poo!

And here's some hay heading off to be a.) milk b.) beef c.) poo or d.) all of the above. Trick question! You don't get milk AND beef from the same type of cow. That's nasty. Just play it safe and pick c.

P-R-O...D-U-C...E-R-S spells Producers... What? You don't know the song? Git.

This new 'Old West' town on the northbound side of HWY 99 made me do more than a double take and nearly crash the rental trying to photograph it. That's why I'm posting it:
In Exeter we have an overpass for an orange grove!

This rodeo is awesome. My dad took me once when I was a moody pre-teen and I still regret being a pain. And I miss the brilliant purple cowgirl hat I got there. I could totally use it now.
See the orange? They used to be all over the highways of Central California. Funny enough, this one in Lemon Cove (yeah, ironic, shut up) was boarded up for most of my life. Thankfully someone has restored it.

This is a bit out of sequence, but I thought I'd end this post on tackiness with a bit of crack I saw when entering Visalia. Go fig.

Monday, May 4, 2009

There's Gotta Be a Term for It!

Eletronic/mechanical/flimflamic-y gizmos always start various tunes in my head, increasingly as I seem to be getting dumber and easily distracted. The noises on the old SF Muni buses, the HP inkjet from college, the copier function on the Kiyocera at work.

Someone has the same problem, I suppose, only made something of it!

See bd594 on YouTube for which gadgets are used to perform this rendition of Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody.'

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Vacation Photos!

It has been said that those we hate for no real reason typically have a characteristic that we fear we have ourselves. This is commonly expressed about homophobes and 'locals.' Well, I'm in the second category, and that's why I'm such a crap tourist!

And now, on this trip, I was a tourist in my old home towns! The horror!

I arrived at SFO on a Wednesday afternoon. Since my gracious hosts were still at work/school, I killed time with a pint and a Caesar salad at my favorite downtown pub, Johnny Foleys, watching both a Giants game (live) and a Man Utd match (not so live). I lugged my massive suitcase onto Muni and headed off to the Richmond District where I used to live when I went to USF.

Behind a wire fence I noticed this awesome bike rack:

It turns out the building sporting it was the new Richmond branch of the SFPL, opening this month. If you're in the neighborhood, check it out:

When a tourist out of the touristic spots, the only place to use a bathroom, as I learned in England, is the pub! So I went off to Clement where I knew I could use the toilet at The Bitter End, where I was also served an Anchor Steam and entertained:

Drunkle copy editors, gotta love'em!

After a delightful jet-lagged dinner at King of Thai with my gracious hosts, I retired to their deadly comfortable futon in the living room and slept till million o'clock. I went out and hit the shops of Clement, which has an unofficial name of 'New Chinatown' and 'Little Russia,' well, at least by me! I checked out the local bookshops (Consortium was well represented on the shelves!) and spent a little too freely. I got a coffee and bagel at Toy Boat Cafe with their excellent toy collection (obviously) and to Fabrix which is indeed a fabric store but guaranteed to have the good crazy stuff for needle nerds. Here's a picture of one of the button bins if you want a cool wallpaper for your computer:

I then hit all the cheap Chinatown shops for stuff I haven't found in Minnesota. Where were these padded undies after I broke my butt?!?!

Later that night I went to The Red Devil Lounge to watch Heathrow perform their last gig under that name. They aren't splitting; never fear! They just have a little name rights issue with a certain airport.

And to dash everyone's hopes of making a funny joke, the backup name will not be Gatwick...