Monday, August 31, 2009

Owen will get you!

Owen will get you!, originally uploaded by Photos by Jim Starling.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

What Day Is It? That's Right! Day One of MN State Fair!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Big Day Out

Saturday started out as a simple gathering at French Meadow for breakfast before a trip to the Museum of Russian Art. Unbeknown to me, there was a special exhibit on stamps! It was super-awesome and I fully recommend it. The detail is amazing once you check them out with a magnifying glass (provided). This is one of my favorites:

And this was part of a series that made me laugh at the timeliness of it all:

From snail mail art to email art! We then went shopping at Robot Love where I got some Sugarcoat vinyl decals to cover the scratches on my car. Don't drive back from the airport when you're REALLY sleepy, kids! Anyhoo, this is what I'm planning:

There was an apartments-tour of Blue, lunch at Bryant Lake Bowl, and some shopping at Cheapo and this vintage shop that I can only remember because I regret not buying a daisy-patterned swim cap (I have too much hair...):

We laughed at the name of this building:

And I always laugh at this. I've only seen one before in Istanbul!

Oh yeah, Martin and Heather made up the others in 'We.' I wasn't speaking royally or having this day out with Macy Gray the dog and Bob the cat.

We had dinner at Stella's where I had fish tacos that were almost dessert-like and got this sage advice:

Not long into my tacos did the tornado sirens begin. They sound exactly like the old air-raid siren in San Francisco, only these are, sadly, real. Thunder and lightning were going crazy over the north metro, but from where we were eating it was awesome, especially as Fleetwood Mac started up on the rooftop bar's loudspeakers.

That's right, it wasn't that one about thunder always happening when it's raining.

National Night Out

Last Tuesday was National Night Out! Lisa (in stylish hat) brought out the Weber with brats and chicken.

Target sent over beach balls and an ice-breaker questionnaire, where you honestly ask your neighbors related to Prince, 'Which do you prefer, Target or Walmart?'

Macy loved the beach ball, really!

Me? I loved the beer, not supplied by Target as Minnesota liquor laws prohibit such sales.

Fortunately, Minnesota Law doesn't stop me from sharing beer with Macy...or does it?