Monday, October 12, 2009

From Broadway (Nerd Minny) to Branson (um, THE Branson)

In early September I flew to Missouri to visit relatives! See, this is me with my maternal grandparents.

There is a great non-stop flight now from Minneapolis to Branson thanks to their new airport. Granted, the way they had to build it the thing looks like an aircraft carrier on some big waves!

I must have put on 5 lbs. with each meal my grandma made. Here's me with my giant taco-turned-burrito-turned-chimichanga:

I also visited my aunt and uncle's house and you can see the family resemblance. I manage to look like my mother's side AND my father's side:

This was when I casually explained to my young cousin what 'tea-bagging' means in San Francisco:

Now all the above photos were either taken by my Aunt Patti or, um, Branson for that airport promo. What did I take photos of? The dog! Like I don't have one at home.

Now Alick loves having his photo taken, but not video. Whatever. He's 13 years old so he'll do what he wants...