Sunday, May 30, 2010

NYC Busman's Holiday

Earlier this month I went to New York for Sales Conference and then a few days of my own to relax. Sales Conference was great because this time it was at the Desmund Tutu Center that was gorgeous and had fantastic food and the best conference room one could ask for. The place constantly reminded me of USF's Lone Mountain so I felt right at home. I also got out for dinner with the folks at Bellevue Literary Press to celebrate their book, Tinkers by Paul Harding, winning the Pulitzer Prize. Why haven't I blarged in a while? That's why! Too busy losing weight on the 'Tinkers' diet! There was also an excellent cocktail party in a place that overlooked the USS Hornet so I was happy, and not just from the gin & tonics!

After Sales Conference I went to my favorite old hotel, The Pickwick Arms. What? Oh yeah, for the last few years it's been The Pod Hotel, famous for having the smallest rooms in Manhattan. I love the place, and wow, the neighborhood around it is totally different from when I first started going there in 2004.

I slept in on my first day of vacation, then ventured on south to Film Forum, seeing this bar sign along the way, which made me miss my dog, Macy Grey:

Now I LOVE Film Forum, and first went there years ago to see a restored print of Gojira, the original, Japanese version of Godzilla that you'd never see on TV.

I had seen Metropolis before as it's one of my favorite films, but recently a man in Argentina uncovered nearly a half-hour of the missing footage! When the footage would appear on the screen, others in the audience, including myself, were gasping and crying a little with happiness! And at the end of the film, as usual, I cried like a big baby.

After too much chicken parmigiana and too much wine at Mimi's Restaurant (another old favorite of mine!) I slept in AGAIN and then journeyed north to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to check out the American Woman exhibit. Here are two photos I took before I got in trouble:

Fortunately the Met offers this video clip of the exhibit so you don't feel TOO left out:

Now you're probably wondering why I say 'Busman's Holiday.' Well, when I wasn't out and about, I was sitting inside eating a bagel, looking up things to do, checking Facebook and Twitter and work email, reading a book, or shopping in bookstores, including Forbidden Planet with the awesome Vanessa and awesome Wei. We didn't need photos of that, now, did we?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


It's not exactly worthy of 'Yarn Bombing' but someone made a yarn...thingy on Broadway near the office: