Monday, June 21, 2010

Starling 3G

While I was in Nerd Minny making spreadsheets and watching World Cup matches, my dad, brother, and nephews gathered in California for Fathers Day. Aren't they cute?

Monday, June 14, 2010

Highlights from USA v Legos

This remarkable little video is from the folks at, perfectly re-enacting the highlights from Saturday's match between the United States and England!

Sunday, June 13, 2010


As FIFA was hoping, I'm an American who became interested in World Cup when it was in the United States. Years later in London I was a huge fan of England and remember we kinda tied my pregnant roommate Maz to a chair so she'd stop hurting herself wanting to jump up an down cheering. A few weeks after that I was in Gran Canaria, Spain, in an expat bar watching them lose and when a drunken Scot called my boyfriend and I a bunch of names afterward, I said nonchalantly, 'I'm an American, you dumbshit...'

Now, Saturday was an exciting but almost dreaded day for me! I still support England, but I LOVE the players on the USA side! They hadn't played in a World Cup match in 60 years! Friends and family are in turmoil! Old roommate Neil and his wife Kristin are split over it (you know what I mean...)! At least Poppy was on the side of her daddy:

And my nephews? Well, I don't think they're aware of what's going on! But at least like me they're into gardening and soy milk.

Back here in Minnesota after yoga, I got this brilliant voicemail from my landlady:

Monday, June 7, 2010

SF Parking v. MPLS Passive Aggressiveness

Okay, the other week I drove to Bryant Lake Bowl (good nachos) for Rockstar Storytellers: Sci-Fi & Fantasy which not only appealed to the geek in me but even had people I know starring in it.

After years of driving and parking in San Francisco, I'm going to take the first free space that my tiny Yaris hatchback can fit into, especially if it's quite close to my destination! So I thought to photograph my expertly-parked car behind a SUV with PLENTY of room in front of it for leaving its space:

Hours later after having a blast at the show, I found this postcard under my windshield wiper:

I don't know where this person learned punctuation but what has definitely been learned is the passive aggressive style of the Minnesotan. I laughed the laugh that kept me from crying...

Friday, June 4, 2010

'It's the Cheese?' 'Oh, you betcha!'

After work today (summer hours, yeah!) I went to the Lunds in NE Minny to pick up a few groceries. Little did I know I was there in time for a ceremonial cheese delivery!

The Beemster Graskaas cheese wheels were carried in on special beams strapped on to two guys each. They parked it by the popular little Beemster cow that all the kids try to climb on!

Now the subject line comes from a 90s commercial for Real California Cheese, and I'm sorry if you found this blarg entry hoping to find it. I can't find it either! It drives me nuts! Here's how it goes:

Two California border patrol guys have stopped a Wisconsin family in a station wagon, asking their purpose for entering the state. They say things such as, 'Uh, Golden Gate?' and are let go. One agent turns to the other and asks, 'They here for the cheese?' and the other agent says in a heavy Wisconsin accent, 'Oh, you betcha!'

Now why am I obsessed with it? The guy who said, 'Oh, you betcha!' was Korean American! My college roommate, Kim, is half-Korean, half-Cheesehead, so we'd be rolling on the floor from the advert. And who was the guy? Daniel Dae-Kim! So if you have a video clip, an image from it, or anything, please let me know! I keep telling the locals here about it and they don't believe me!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Plastic Bag Crafts

Clearly I've been in the Midwest winters too long because I found myself creating stuff out of plastic bags! Help!

It started when I found this frame at the Salvation Army:

I cut up strips of plastic bags and started winding them around the teeth and then through the strips in a weaving manner:

I cut free the mat and secured the ends with a simple tie:

Then tied the finished mats together by the ends with knots until tight enough:

So here is the first basket, currently storing odds & ends with dreams of being a planter!

And although it's far from glamorous, I do get nice compliments regarding this simple handbag using braided plastic for the strap: