Tuesday, July 27, 2010

That's My Dog! Well, not MY dog, but I'm her human

It's summertime in MPLS and that means thunderstorms! Macy, age 10, 60 lbs, gets very clingy...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

An Update on Nerd Minny Farms

Several weeks ago I transplanted the seedlings (grown in my bathroom that was doubling as a hothouse; quite disgusting after a while) into the raised bed, only the bed should have been raised a bit more. Oh well!
Aww, seeing this reminds me of how clean and orderly things were at the time before the zucchini plant started doing its thing. Thankfully the other transplants are also doing nicely, and marigold petals are great on rice!

One day after work I noticed these two little guys in Landlady Lisa's garden patch:

I didn't do anything about them although I might have killed them by standing over them and screaming, 'Oh my gawd you are so fucking cute!' a few times. Typically the neighborhood's biggest pest AND pest controller are loose pit bulls, so these particular baby bunnies aren't likely to be seen around the garden again. They are most likely already on the big grassy roundabout in the sky...