Sunday, December 26, 2010

Some Needle-Nerdwork I Did

I've been wearing bandages on my left hand for the last three weeks with one more to go to see if my wrist gets any better. It has been so boring to not do anything! Thankfully I'm back to typing with two hands if only for a short bit of time.

So, back when I had full use of two hands and all 10 fingers, I did some cross-stitch using the same technique as the project I made for my brother. Mainly, figure out what I want to do, find images online that suited my purpose, map it out on graph paper, then create the pattern on a spreadsheet.

This one was for coworker Heather who was having a birthday do on the day of the 'land hurricane' in the Midwest. She loves both Magritte and Super Mario Brothers, so I knew of shirts, etc. combining the two:

A little after this the coffee shop in my office building changed their menu above the counter. I regularly check their Twitter feed for soup of the day, so I thought I could add something to increase their followers:

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Snowmageddon Late-2010!

You'll have seen the Metrodome deflating by now so here are some shots from my house, including MORE video of Macy trying to go out for a wee!