Monday, August 22, 2011

National Night Out 2011

This summer has been hot. So hot that I had to disconnect most of the electronics and move them to a lower floor in the house, including this computer.

At the beginning of this month (somewhat more forgiving than July) was the annual National Night Out in which Minneapolis is usually the biggest participant. We close off our block to traffic, pull up some chairs, and serve potluck.

I love film, but digital cameras can be put in a kid's hands and come back full of fun photos. I let a number of little girls on the street run around shooting with my camera, hopefully catching an early photography bug. There were many portraits, but here I'm just posting the distant, blurred, etc. so that you see my neighbors enjoying each others' company whilst maintaining a little of their privacy on this blog of mine.

I learned this morning that over the weekend, just a dozen blocks away from my house, a 14 year-old boy was found dead from gun violence. His makeshift memorial was then burned down by vandals.

Maybe we can do National Night Out a little more often than just annual, to close a few streets from traffic, lure out the grownups with some potluck, and let the kids play with dogs and bikes. It's cost-effective and might buy us another night for someone.