Thursday, September 29, 2011

Toddler One-Two Punch

It's been a rough week for my mother's side of the family with a wedding and (most likely, sadly) a funeral on each coast making for tough decisions all around. I'll not go into details...yet.

Meanwhile, to cheer us all up, I've uploaded this video of mine in which two of my nephews enjoy watching themselves in the mirror whilst having a 'fight.' I'm too lazy to edit and I pretty much love every second of this video so sorry if you get bored in between the blows!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Another Day at the MN State Fair!

I returned to the Minnesota State Fair once again only this time with four others! This meant that I actually walked through the Midway, which isn't my thing, being a bad sport and everything. I felt bad for all the people winning these odd banana toys.

And then, 'Et tu, Domo-Kun?!?!'

Thankfully Japanophiles could enjoy this gorgeous birdhouse in the Creative Arts Building, my favorite part of the fair where I take pictures of everything I hope to pirate!

Except this, of course. It's amazing! Tinker-toys and a lot of patience to match the creativity.

I was very excited to notice this adorable Dalek from (I believe) Glass Endeavors.

And you KNOW who wears this scarf!

In the Fine Arts Building I saw this painting and immediately thought of SIL Monica, a big Hayao Miyazaki fan.

And the whole world can relate to this sculpture. May it unite us in peace!

I know what you really want to see, that's right, the seed art!

This one is very Minnesotan:

I'm always impressed by the Left Wing bent of seed art here. I just assumed it would be the opposite.

QR codes made their debut this year. I've been cross-stitching them, so I suppose it makes sense.

And look, the royal wedding! Awwww... I didn't watch it but the corgis were a clue.

This one has me scratching my head:

Today following a Twins game and a long nap I got online and read in The Advocate "Glitter Bombs Away at Minnesota (Un)Fair" and the following video clip.

I'm still surprised I hadn't heard of this BEFORE the fair, and it happened the day I was there! Good on you, glitter bombers, and boo on you, fair runners. I hope the story makes the rounds and points out how foolish it was to offer a booth to people who hate.

Friday, September 2, 2011

My Life, My Dreams, Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now...

Last weekend I went with buddy Michelle to Chicago!

She wanted to visit her brother and his family so we split a getaway package trip thingy. We stayed in the Swissotel where I annoyed everyone with my search for Nazi Gold.

I didn't find any, but I did find one of my clients with her wife at the hotel bar! This client works across the street from me in Minneapolis. Geesh, we could've met at Donnie Dirks and saved some ozone...

Their baby was safe upstairs, but Michelle's toddler nephew was in my crazy Auntie Jaime clutches. You can tell he's a toddler by the scab. All toddlers faceplant concrete before family visits. It's a fact.

We ate at a place called Tank Noodle that was excellent. I ordered 'Baby Pho' which was 'only' the size of a regular cereal bowl. Smart move so I could finish off this red snapper! Smile, Snappy!

We went to Millennium Park and walked off a bunch of fine dining. Here's the famous Bean:

And here's me flicking it:

And Michelle flicking it to make me shut the hell up about it:

Later at the Lego store Michelle found herself a cowboy. Silly girl, you go WEST for one, not EAST!

Maybe Chicago could be my next town to live in that's in the Midwest. I could get a job although my writing and train-driving skills are terrible.

I could get this fixer-upper although apparently you gotta know the right people (working on it).

Or I could build on this vacant lot we found.

And I wouldn't be at a loss for a good time.

Shoot, I even got a new friend to sing with me!

This would lead me closer to fulfilling a life-long dream, and you KNOW what that is: to recreate the Perfect Strangers intro shot for shot!

Now as the Mayor of Chicago might say, fuck off!