Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wet Books, or A Border that Crossed the Books

Oh man I love this video clip. It protests book bans with wit and zingers that one hopes will shame the book banners. Become a Librotraficante! Be one anywhere you live where books are banned, either formally or informally. If you're not sure, ask around and you'll know soon enough.

I have a bumper sticker on my car that reads, 'Words are chemicals.' That's why people are threatened by some books. An old joke is that the most dangerous person in America is a black person with a library card. These days, it's you and me and everyone we know who picks up a history book or maybe a memoir that tells it like it really was or wonders of an alternative way for the future.

For the last few years I try to read 10 minutes from three different books each night on top of whatever else I'm reading. It's okay for me because I'm in publishing (so yes, a bit biased towards books) but pick up a challenging book and start reading it just 10 minutes each day. If you miss a day, write it on the bookmark and catch up later. Pick up a nonfiction, a how-to on something you'd like to try, a novel you couldn't bear to finish back in school, anything. Trafficking books begin at home, Baby!

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